"Run, run you little bitch" she spoke as he screams his final cry. She lungs the knife at him stabbing him directly in the chest. No he's not dead, not yet not until she's had her say. He's going to know why his bloody body is at her mercy. His lips moved but nothing but air bubbles came out. She knelt down besides the bloody man "Yes?" she said with a giggle.  She pulled out her knife slowly leaving the man a twitching mess. "Just think if you would of known a few days ago would you have changed any? No matter" she sighed "your just a dead no one now." Then the wicked women kissed his forehead ever so slightly and whispered "next time keep it in your pants." as if there would ever be a next time. Slowly the knife was placed in his heart as his world went black. 

Quite girl Didn't say much in school her grades were B's and C's her light brown hair hung in her face hiding light blue eyes. Although, she was seventeen years old she still did not have a friend to share her darkest thoughts with. Normally she could be find dressed in baggy blue jeans and a oversized hoodie that was black perfect look for a girl named vicky. Vicky's lack of friends lead her to the internet always trying to impress people. Her screen name "~Vick321~"

One night something very stranged had happen Vicky got a message from a boy she went to school with his screen name "Jake~the~jock". The message read as such,

"Vicky, in the few years we've had class... i kinda developed a crush on you i think we should hook up... this saturday?"

Vickys heart race Jake was one of the most popular guys in shcool she always like him along with everyother girl. Which is what lead Vicky to wonder why her, she began to believe that it was a dumb dare and didn't reply. This is what she countiuned to think until she got another message, this time she replied

Jake~the~Jock- "hey, you never answered me hmu"

~Vick321~- "so you really like me?"

Jake~the~Jock- "yeah"

~Vick321~- "then how come you have never talked to me before now?"

Jake~the~Jock- "well you know how popularity works, presure and all. I'm willing to look past it all if you accept my offer for saturday"

Vicky slightly offended by why he didn't talk to her before was also flattered he was talking to her now. Quickly she replied with a "yes!"

The rest of the night was filled with meaningless chatter with Jake. Vicky hoped tomarrow instead of being all alone like normal she would be able to hangout with Jake. To her disapoiment it was a typical friday but she still had hope for saturday her first date.

When the big day did come Vicky planned out everything. Her and Jake desided to have a movie date. Vicky didn't want to be the shy girl she was known to be. She ditched her normal outfit and wore what she could see anyone in her shcool wearing, cute ripped jeans and a blue V-neck Tee that was laced in the back.

About in hour before the date Vicky got a message from username "unknown"

Unknown- "big night tonight hope Jake is good to you"

Vicky sat there suprised but shook it off as a bad joke.

Jake came to pick Vicky up in his old beat up junker of a car this wasnt the same car he drove to school every day but Vicky was to love struck to nowtice, Vicky got in the car.

Jake, "your beautiful" that compliment made Vicky blush like crazy. The rest of the car ride was quite until Jake took a wrong turn. "where are we going?" Vicky said honstly confused. "Just relaxed" he smiled they then pulled up to a rest stop. "this isn't the movies" she growled "Don't be stupid" the way he said that made vicky shutter. Jake wrapped his arm around her, she pulled away.

"Don't play games, Vicky I know you want me"

"I thought we going to movies" 

"But I have other plans" Just then a few other cars pulled in behind them. There were three people who were aproching the car. One was tall with red hair and green eyes, the second one had brown hair and brown eyes, the third one was hiding behind the taller one.

Jake struck Vickys head, she passed out.

When Vicky came too her pants had been ripped off and she hurt everywhere. Vicky was alone in the woods and didn't remeber anything but from the pain and bruies she could tell.

Vicky herd arguing in the distance. 

"I can't believe you just left her out there" Vicky knew that was Jake.

"sorry I'm not a killer" Vicky couldn't put a name or face to that one.

"no but your a rapist and guess whos going to jail if she tells"

Vicky was pulled into the bushes just in time for her to watch her four attackers walk by.

Vicky looked up and saw a girl with raven black hair and a regular T-shirt with normal jeans and a knife "shhhh" the strange girl whispered. Once then men were clear out of site the girl picked vicky up like it was nothing bridal style. "who are you?" Vicky said wincing slightly at her own pain. "A friend" the strange girl smiled.

The "friend" lightly put Vicky on the door step rung the bell and ran off into the night.

Vickys mother in pure paniced picked up her baby girl and rushed her to the hosptial. 

The next morning Vicky explained the boys to the cops leaving out the detail of the girl. The cops did ask questions like how in her condition was able to make it back home. Vicky answered with a burst of energy and a will to live. The cops went to the woods to investagate and found the body of four males one identifed as Jake,

another being a taller man with red hair and green eyes.

and a shorter man known as the taller ones brother who was also red hair and green eyes.

and the last one with brown hair and brown eyes.

All four bodys where messed up pretty bad with multiple cuts and bruies and each where stapped once directly in the heart. assumed to be the cause of death for each.

no one ever knew what really happened to those boys but Vicky. Vicky knew there was someone out there who saw the world at a darker angle then most and she was standing up for the shy ones 

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