You scream

You shout

Bitch I hear you

I'm not going to explain my plan of mine all you need to know is to stay away mother fucker I'm not in the fucking mood

I'll stand my ground but just to let you know if you play those mind games lets just say you'll be 6ft under

I'm not talking about death because you'll be buried alive under those lies you live

You hide pretending you don't know

Well here i stand prof of the hell you cause

How does it feel knowing who you are knowing what you've done?

Hows does it feel to know that i'm planning the end?

haha BOOM haha that's right your still alive but i bet your heart is racing

Don't worrie i'm just testing

You see the things you lack are the things I gain

character, respect, a reason, a cause

i'm better person cause of you

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