It was a bright and sunny day so cheerful. You would have never guessed that the night before one of the most bloodest of deaths happened. I am the only witness however I'm tierd of answering guestions.

so here right now I'll tell my story of what happend no details left out.

It was a cold night my brother and I were watching a movie in the living room our parents were out dancing. He was sitting on the couch and I was in the corner, you wouldn't be able to see me unless you looked really hard.

I had Just started to fall asleep when I herd it. The shattering of a window and a faint voice it seemed to begging someone not to do something. I stayed frozen in frear hoping I was caught in a dream. I then heard my brother stir and get up. this is when I saw her, she was tall wearing a oversized shirt looking like it was made of rags, she was also wearing a brown skirt with patches of purble and red on them. She looked like she be old enough to be in collage but her body language said she was a child. Her hair was black as night, with one shining whie streak. Her eyes they seemed like endless pits of blue, that is where her soul drowned.

She was smiling, My brother Jumpped toward her she took no time pulling out her weapon, It was a ordinary pocket knife but it seemed to have a bigger blade then normal ones. She stabbed my brother once and he dropped, he was paralized. You could see in his eyes, pleading into her empty heart. She was slowly bent down and kissed his forehead.

As she stood up I herd her crackling voice "If you only knew" she bursted out laughing as she slit his throat. His bloody air bubbles came out less and less as she slowly made deeper cuts on his arms and legs. When she was done with her "project" she cleaned herself and blade of in the kitchen sink.

she was speaking, but not to me. "Oh don't be like this! I'm leaving the other one alive" she pointed her knife in my direction. Suddenly out of no where she came darting towards me pinning me against a wall with her knife cutting me ever so slightly arcoss my neck. "Don't be a bully and I wont be back!" she smiled "the names Raggedy Anne"

Dropping my crying, fear filled body she disapeared into the night.

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