Day OneEdit

It's lonley life... Not the one I'd picked, this life picks you. The life of a killer. Being that I can't talk  to anyone besides my victums  right before their world goes black I've decided to make a online Dairy. Seeing how there are a ton of fake killers on the internet the chances of them checking up on me are very slim. Also If i change up the computer I access this site from the chances of them finding me are even slimmer.

Day one right? Well today I'd say I'm feeling lonley. Do other killers feel this way or is it wrong that I have a heart?

Day TwoEdit

I saw him today, He's tall brown eyes, dirty blonde hair and fit the perfect man. I followed him to the store he helped an older women carry her things to the car what a gentlman. Seeing his face made my mind spin, my heart hurt but not in a painful way I don't know how to explain it. I'll keep following him and possible kill him but not to tonight 

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