They called me ugly

They called me stupid

They called me a sissy

They called me a pasny

They called me lame

Mom always said I was special, her little man. Dad always said I was a strong young man with a good head on my shoulders. Sister always said I was too mature for my own good. Brother always said I was his hero, his role model. I always said they were wrong, I always denied there compliments because I wanted to be normal. The other kids however didn’t agree with my mom, father, sister or brother they saw me as just a freak. When other kids would make fun of me I would think of the tons and thousands of other children who were facing this problem. Remembering I was not alone helped me face this issue with a smile.

Being picked on day in and day out however didn’t phase me. I learned how to enjoy life despite what people would say. I was a strong believer in haters would push me right up to the top. Bully's never like it when you don’t give in, they don’t like it when the pain is never too much. This is my story that put me where I am today…

It was supposed to be a normal day walking to school alone because my sister was in college and my brother was still in middle school which is the opposite way of my high school.  

There were five boys I remember them very clearly the leader of the group name was Jimmy Handler he was tall for his age rumor has it he stayed back a grade for killing a kid that must of been a rumor because if he really did he’d be locked up… right? Jimmy’s two “favorites” were Samuel and Jake they were both in the right grade I think. No one ever thinks of those two because they were always focused on Jimmy. The other two were just your normal lackeys who changed to much for anyone to really keep track.


I became their new target sophomore year, It started out as just your  normal bullies, following me home, pushing me around, taking my money, calling me names. Them picking on me really didn’t bother me until it became life threatening.

One hot summer afternoon on my home from school I began to hear voices. First I brushed it off as Jimmy trying to mess with me. Something kept eating at me, It wasn’t a male voice it was a girls. The voice was too quiet to hear but it seemed to be getting louder the closer to home I got. Eventually I began to make sense of the voice it seemed to be saying “Run, turn back now”. Although I’ll admit it was strange I wasn’t turning back, I couldn't I needed to go home that is the safest place to be. However the voice got so loud it felt almost like she was right behind me screaming in my ear. I began to run as fast as I could not looking back in fear that something might be chasing me. Finally I had made it on my street, painting and tired I see the real threat. Jimmy, Samuel and Jake there lackies weren't there I was getting ready to turn back but it was too late. The three boys had already seen me coming you could tell by the look on there faces they wanted blood MY blood. They came running at me, there was no need I couldn’t run away even if I tried I was to tired. Jimmy pinned me against a tree he smiled and you could smell the schools rotten tuna only Jimmy would be dumb enough to eat it. He called over Samuel and Jake, they didn’t respond. In anger the attacker looked over to his friends and found them staring at a bush.

“hey Jim, somethings over there” Jake said have dazed

“Um, we are kinda of in the middle of something” Jimmy held my shirt tighter so I wouldn’t wiggle away.

“seriously what….”

Just then a girl jumped out. This girl was fierce with black hair and a white streak she seemed to be wearing rags almost as if she had gotten them from the dumpster. She had a knife ready and already stained with a brownish-reddish substance.

“Put him down Jimmy”

Jimmy freaked and dropped me. The look in his face told us that this girl was not supposed to know his name.

“Who the hell are you!?!?”

“Well, To you I’m your nightmare” she giggled like a small child.

Samuel and Jake were already getting ready to jump her, but she was to quick. Before Jimmy could even think of his next attack Jake and Samuel were already on the ground in a pile of their own blood hugging their knees but the girl was gone. Jimmy ran to his friend tears starting to swell in his eyes. “It’ll be okay!” Jimmy cried as he uncurled Samuel and a trail of organs slide out of Sam’s stomach where he clearly had been sliced.

“Dam, Dam, Dam, Dam” Repeated Jimmy.

“Just like you are” The girl Jumped from a tree pinning Jimmy down.

“What do you want” he pleaded.

“For you to leave him alone” she pointed her knife towards me.

“Yes of course I’ll never touch him again”

“funny I don’t believe you”

“I prom…”

Clearly she had heard enough because she had sliced his throat leaving nothing but his final air bubbles coming out. The maniac picked me up like it was nothing and carried me home weakly I asked

“who are you?”
She smiled as she answered “Just a friend”

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